Train Together; STRIVE Together

Last Saturday, the STRIVE team headed down to the Surrey Hills for our second official training day. With the weather reaching highs similar to that of Italy in September (hot, hot, hot!) the STRIVERS were set for a day of some testing, but enjoyable, training.

IMG_0822The training event was great fun and everyone who attended grew in confidence from all the coaching and tips from the team. But, what was more important was that all the Striver’s were TRAINING TOGETHER. 

 Often it can be hard to motivate yourself to work-out: to wake up that extra hour early to train before work; to push yourself that little bit harder during interval training; to schedule in that extra gym session rather than that extra glass of wine. 

But, when you STRIVE together with friends motivation comes a lot easier, it’s a more enjoyable – if a little bit more a competitive -experience. You work out harder because you have someone to be accountable to, as well as someone to celebrate with!

IMG_0854For the morning session the STRIVE team set off on their mountain bikes. In Italy, the triathletes and Core Team will be biking 120km from the Northern shore of Sicily to the base of Mount Etna- so it was definitely good to get in a bit of practice! 

For some of our Striver’s it took a while to get into the swing of it: mountain biking is a lot trickier than it looks! To start, the brakes are different to a normal bike; which led to some heart-in-the-mouth braking moments. Secondly, trying to control your bike when you are hurtling down a muddy track is not a simple feat. 

But after a few hours in the saddle, Mountain Biking seemed to be STRIVE’s new favourite sport. There were a few scrapes and bruises along the ways, but fortunately we had the Jigsaw Medical Team on hand to help out…

IMG_0884After a quick bite to eat,  the Striver’s changed into their running and hiking kit for the afternoon’s adventure. In September we will be hiking to start off the challenge, from Zermatt to Rima St Guieseppe a 66KM trek with 5,000+km elevation; and to end it, hiking or running to the top of Mount Etna.

The hikers walked to the top of Box Hill, a veritable mole hill compared to what we will be facing in Switzerland- but with some pretty impressive views from the top nonetheless.

IMG_8724Meanwhile, the runners headed up the hill for an hour long run. Whilst legs were a little tired from the mountain biking, with help and support from our coaches (and each other) they all made it around the course. This is the beauty of training together:  it can  help you to get to the finish line, to work together and inspire each other. This is all part of the STRIVE philosophy:

”Growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone to achieve bold ambitions. Magic happens when you do it with others.”

IMG_0904STRIVING TOGETHER is all part of the Challenge this year; it’s the reason Holly, Sam and Richard have decided to do the expedition together as a family; it’s the reason we have a a CORE TEAM to lead the way together from the Matterhorn to Mt Etna; and, it is why we have brought together such an extraordinary group of participants from all over the world, to STRIVE together for Big Change.

It is not long until we head off to Italy… so in the next few weeks we challenge you to train together, STRIVE with other Strivers, friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours – go for a swim, mountain bike, walk around the park or just get outside and train together, we are sure you will see the benefits! 

We want to have everyone STRIVING for Big Change, because at our heart is a belief in the power of everyone coming together to drive positive change for young people in the UK. 

It was great to be fuelled by our hydration partner High-5 Sports nutrition in such hot weather and for some of the STRIVE Core Team to have the chance wear their Champion System cycling kit on the training day! 

#WeStrive for @BigChange