None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our hugely generous partners, who not only share our vision but understand what we set out to achieve by doing this event.


Virgin is a leading international investment group and one of the world's most recognised and respected brands. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors including mobile telephony, travel & transportation, financial services, leisure & entertainment and health & wellness.


Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse, the leading provider of technology solutions that promote employee engagement and wellbeing, helps employers create workforces that are happier, healthier and ultimately more productive. The company’s modern, mobile first platform delivers a personalized user experience that utilizes gamification to engage users in building habits that inspire meaningful and measurable change across individuals and the businesses they serve. By helping employees thrive at work and in all aspects of life, Virgin Pulse is helping change lives and businesses around the world for good. More than 2,500 global organizations representing many of the Fortune 500 and Best Places to Work, have selected Virgin Pulse’s solutions to engage their workforces and drive their businesses forward.


Jigsaw Medical Services

Founded in 2012 by Chris Percival, Jigsaw Medical has quickly become one of the UK leaders in medical services, offering a range of services for the commercial, media, events sectors and the NHS.

Jigsaw Medical is divided into four clear entities; our Clinical Services Division, Training Division, Recruitment and Staffing Division, and our Specialist Projects Division. Jigsaw is committed to delivering clinically focused and harmonised solutions to both NHS and private clients.


Virgin Money

Small changes can add up to make a big difference. So Virgin Money never stops looking at how every bit of banking works. Gone are boring branches, replaced by inviting Stores and customer Lounges. Through its not-for-profit fundraising website, Virgin Money Giving, the bank uses its expertise to do some good in the world. And Virgin Money isn’t afraid to do things other banks won’t, like putting the Sex Pistols on its credit card. All with the aim of shaking up banking.



In the beginning were the gemstones, and the gemstones became our family’s world.

Welcome to Gemporia, and our quest to restore genuine gemstone jewellery as the most sought after of personal possessions. Our journey is drawing others to believe in the miracle of genuine gemstones as passionately as we do. We denounce the fakes and mass-produced synthetics that have infiltrated, confused and flooded the jewellery market for the last few generations. We encourage women around the world to be at one with nature – to fake nothing. Gemporia jewellery is for the body, the mind and the soul and you are spiritually naked without it.



Founded in 1983, Technogym is a world leading international supplier of technology and design driven products and services in the Wellness and Fitness industry. Technogym provides a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital cloud based platform allowing consumers to connect with their personal wellness experience anywhere, both on the equipment and via mobile when outdoors. With over 2,000 employees and 14 branches globally, Technogym is present in over 100 countries. More than 65,000 Wellness centers and 200,000 private homes in the world are equipped with Technogym. Technogym was the official supplier for the last five editions of the Olympic Games: Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and has been appointed as Official Supplier also for Rio 2016.

Cycle Apparel Partner

Champion System

Champion System, a worldwide leader in custom technical apparel, was founded in 2005 and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality handmade garments for a wide range of sports and activities.

Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world’s top athletes has been the key to Champion System’s success. Our distinctive and stylish garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.
Our goal is to allow the customer to be their own brand and we are known far and wide for our solid commitment to pioneering innovative, race-proven garments that can be customised with virtually any design.

Hike Apparel Partner


Bergans of Norway – the iconic name for exploration. Since the early 1900’s explorers have recognised and used Bergans products the world over. Roald Amundsen, Captain Robert Scott, Hillary on Everest started the way forward and many more have led from the front, ignoring boundaries and pushed the limits.
Bergans outdoor products support the ambitious and the bold on their outdoor exploration.
Today the challenges for today’s generation maybe different and daunting yet the team work created through the Strive Challenge enables achievement and provides confidence to face the future.
Bergans functional outdoor clothing and equipment supports Strive participants on their adventures and our performance mountain products are with you….all the way.

Technology Partner


Powershift was founded with the goal of building the next wave of software platforms. We have always been committed to Open Source technology as users and contributors.

Based in London and Leamington Spa, Powershift has been pioneering advances in web technologies and application development since it’s inception. Brought to you by the same founding team that completed the UK’s first secure online transaction; we continue to meet new client challenges and evolve and refine our expertise and technology.



Halfords are delighted to be back again to support the Strivers on their epic challenge. We saw the power of team as people rode together to get through some of the tough stages in 2014 and 2016 looks like it will be every bit as tough. Our Mechanics Crew will be on hand throughout the cycling legs to provide top class support, bikes for the core team, a huge range of spares and a bit of motivation too.

Fitness Partner


BlitzFitness is an award winning outdoor fitness business founded in 2009 by Lara Milward and Karen Crump. Blitz is such a loyal supporter of Strive that it sent Lara as a core team member in 2014 and she’s back for the 2016 Strive Challenge bringing Blitz clients with her! Once a competitive swimmer herself, Lara is proud to be coaching the Core Team for their Italy to Sicily swim. Both BlitzFitness and Strive are all about the power of teamwork and the power of outdoor challenges to transform lives.

Swim Partner

speedo logo


The world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water, creating revolutionary new technologies, designs and innovations and supporting swimming from grass-roots through to elite level. In the 1920s Speedo made history with the Racerback: the world’s first non-wool suit. In 2008 Speedo redefined swimwear again with Fastskin LZR RACER – the fastest and most technologically advanced swimsuit ever created. 2011 saw Speedo unveil another world first with the Fastskin Racing System – a cap, goggle and suit designed to work together as one. Speedo is owned by Speedo Holdings B.V and distributed in over 170 countries around the world

Nutrition Partner


We produce the finest real-food endurance nutrition available. Created by cyclists for cyclists, Veloforte believe that great endurance comes from great delicious nutrition, not synthetic gloop sold by the tonne.

 Based on an ancient Italian recipe (originally designed to power the Roman Legions), Veloforte is a uniquely delicious mix of exceptional quality, natural ingredients. 

Hand-crafted in small batches, our bars provide the optimal balance of performance-enhancing carbohydrates (natural sugars), alongside essential proteins & fibre… The perfect real-food for endurance athletes.

Hike, cycle, swim, run… We are here to help every Strive participant conquer their challenge with 100% real food, 100% real power.

Tracking Partner


Causeway Technologies is back to support the Virgin STRIVE Challenge 2016 as the Live Tracking Partner. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of software for the built environment, Causeway solutions play a key role through the Design, Build, Operate and Maintain phases of the built environment. The Core Team will be wearing Causeway Mobile trackers on the cycle stage to monitor how far they are riding each day, and so that we can follow them live along the route.

Hydration Partner


HIGH5 is a UK company. For over 20 years our aim has been to create a complete product range using only the very best ingredients, without compromise. HIGH5 products do not contain ingredients from the list of WADA named banned substances. Combining our practical no-nonsense approach, rigorous testing by scientists in the lab and feedback from world-class athletes competing in the world’s toughest events, guarantees that you can rely on HIGH5 products to help you optimise your performance and enjoy your sport more. We know from personal experience how important it is to get your nutrition absolutely right and what it takes to make a great sports product that you can trust. For more information, visit

Positive Vibes Partner


Rastaclat® is dedicated to the spirit of Spreading Positive Vibrations® creating life inspired accessories and banding together to encourage freedom of expression for all. Rastaclat has emerged as a leading fashion accessories line in the lifestyle, sports, streetwear, and urban markets as well as the music industry. Embracing all cultures, Rastaclat works hard to give back to the community by banding together for causes such as Breast Cancer, The Boys & Girls Club of America, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and natural disaster relief donating over $105K in 2015 to charitable organizations.