Hike Together, STRIVE Together, Change Together

For all of our Strivers, at first the mountains from Zermatt, looked impossible to scale. There seemed no way our little steps could take us all the way to Italy. But the Strivers took on the challenge, laid all on the line, and conquered the mountains together…



STRIVE brings together a group of extraordinary people from CEOs and entrepreneurs to teachers, ex-gang leaders and artists who live and breathe a growth mindset in their daily life.



What was so amazing during the first stage of the Virgin STRIVE Challenge, was how this group of strangers came together support each other on the hike. For many, the hike was a real challenge. 5 days from Zermatt to Rima San Guiseppe, 164, 345 steps taken, facing fears of heights, horrific weather conditions and broken bones. But the STRIVERs got through it, not merely as friends, but as a STRIVE family.


All the STRIVERs had a role to play in their team: some people at the front setting the pace and keeping everyone going, those who who would share the load and their food, and those who brought up the rear. There were STRIVERs who brought everyone together when times where tough, and those who Strived through the pain. But it was only through creating a support network that everyone was able to get through and make it to the way to Northern Italy.


Often, the Big Change we aspire to see for young people, may look like an impossible mountain. But we are sure, like the Strivers, we can take on the challenge together. Have a listen to this great interview with hike @Matthew Patton about why #WeSTRIVE for Big Change


#WeSTRIVE for Big Change