Fundraising for Big Change

With only a month to go before the challenge starts, it’s time to kick your fundraising campaign to next level. We have an incredibly ambitious target of raising £1.5 million for Big Change, so we need each and every Striver taking part to smash their personal targets! Here are our top ideas & tips to get you started…

1. Update your Virgin Money Giving Page… and share it with your networks!

Your Virgin Giving Money Page is your call to action; a good fundraising page can be the difference between a £20 and £100 donation. You are telling your story, and asking people to donate… so spend some time writing your intro and persuading people why they should give their money to you!

Remember, the best Virgin Giving Money Page… will be personal to you. It will not only tell the story of the physical challenge and the great work of Big Change, but it will tell you WHY you think STRIVING and supporting Big Change is important. It will answer questions such as: Why you are putting yourself out there to do the STRIVE Challenge, and what does it mean to you?

Here are some fun facts from our friends at Virgin Money Giving…

  • Fundraisers who set a target on their page raise 54% more on average
  • Fundraisers who upload a profile picture to their page raise 123% more on average than those who don’t

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2. Share your story on Social Media  

Show people that you are training hard by sharing your training photos, routes, thoughts, struggles, successes and failures in the months leading up to September. If you show your commitment in advance, your friends and family are more likely to donate in support all of your hard work and training. Use the hashtag #WeStrive and tag the @strivechallenge account in all your posts to engage with the STRIVE community on social media as well.

Virgin Social .001

3. Get creative, think about alternative ways to raise money    

If sending out an email to your network doesn’t float your boat – get creative. Think about your unique assets and how you can raise money in different ways. It might be asking clients/customers to donate a % of the cost of a product or deal to charity for the months of August and September. It might be convincing people to give you free gifts and doing a big raffle 0r it could be putting on a cool event and raising money; for example, check out STRIVER Amy Townsend’s awesome raffle on her Virgin Giving Money Page. 


4. Challenge Others… Don’t STRIVE on your own!

Our STRIVE philosophy is ‘Growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone to achieve bold ambitions. Magic happens when you do it with others’. Challenge others to do their own mini-STRIVE in September- it may be climbing their own mountain or break a bad habit. Striving together makes your community feeling engaged and involved in the challenge, and will help you to raise as much money as possible for Big Change.


5. Organise a dinner/event…                                              

People are more likely to donate if they have heard it from the horse’s mouth. If you can put together a dinner you can apply some gentle pressure; your friends are more likely to donate after you blow them over with your passion for the cause (and your amazing cooking skills!)


6. Say THANK YOU    

Make sure you thank all your donors for their support! A personal email, or even better, a shout on Facebook or Twitter goes along way. And, it will encourage others to donate too.

For more information about why we STRIVE for Big Change, check out our Why We Strive for Big Change blog, the Big Change website and keep your eye on the STRIVE website for future posts announcing the amazing projects we are supporting this!

Remember, don’t leave it until you are on the challenge! Fundraising on the event will be hard, so make sure you start fundraising before you board the plane!

Thank you to our Sponsors Virgin Money  for your support, and Virgin Money Giving for your amazing tips.