Fuelling your Ride with Veloforte

Your body is incredible. And all the STRIVERs on the road have discovered just how good it is. To make sure the team make it all the way from the Matterhorn to Mt Etna,  we have teamed up awesome partners Veloforte and HIGH5 to keep the riders fuelled on the road everyday.


Veloforte, have provided the team with incredible endurance nutrition, their products are specifically designed to provide not only a delicious boost of morale and energy, but also the optimal balance of performance enhancing carbs, protein and fibre. Based on an ancient Italian recipe (originally designed to power the Roman Legions, which will hopefully set us in good stead!), Veloforte is made up of 100% natural ingredients. Our Official Hydration Partner HIGH5 are also providing their incredible electrolyte replenishment drink Zero, as well as Protein Recovery and Energy Source 4:1 to keep you hydrated throughout the challenge.

The main objective of proper nutrition on the challenge will be to avoid ‘Bonking’. Bonking is the name given to the state of true misery and pain associated with low blood sugar and dehydration. Make no mistake, it’s extremely miserable when you bonk from not fuelling your body properly!

Here are some of Veloforte’s top tips to avoid bonking and keep your body properly fuelled when you are on the bike…


Eat before you’re hungry, drink before you’re thirsty…

Your body only has about 90 minutes worth of glycogen stored in your muscles and system. If you are doing any kind of endurance exercise beyond 90 mins then you MUST eat and drink continuously. Eat a mouthful of high calorie, balanced, real food every 20 mins. No matter how strong (or weak) you are feeling.

For rehydration, simply make sure you have two bottles and drink regularly, alternating between one with plain water and one with water mixed with electrolytes.

Eat real food…

Our bodies are naturally designed to get the most from real food. Digestion actually begins when we smell, think about or see beautiful food. Even the simple act of chewing releases enzymes which help break food down. And as a result, you perform better.

Veloforte is based on an ancient Italian recipe…Panforte. A delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices originally designed to power the Roman Legions. It’s perfect for endurance athletes who need sustained endurance nutrition.

Make it easy to reach…

Eating during exercise, especially on a bike, can be tricky. Some like to reach into their jersey pockets and grab a mouthful, others like to stop, open a bar, take a drink, stretch and get back on the bike.

Every triple-pack of Veloforte comes in a convenient zip-lock bag.No more ripping at packaging with your teeth, spitting bits of plastic into the environment, each bar is wrapped in recyclable parchment paper and you only need one hand.



Recovery is crucial. Simple as that. Don’t ignore it.

Your body has evolved a wonderful mechanism to short-cut your recovery. But the window of opportunity is very small; limited to about 1 hour. If you consume the right amount of carbs and protein immediately after exercise, you will be able to quickly refuel avoiding the worst of the next-day fatigue typically associated with multi-day challenges. All good news!

The easiest way to do this is with a high-quality, natural, Recovery drink that has a 4:1 ratio of Carbs: Protein. It will mean you can immediately rehydrate, recover and relax, knowing you will be well set up for the next day. Once you’ve done this, you can eat a hearty dinner and celebrate.

It’s very easy to have your recovery drink after your day’s exercise, it’s not very easy to get back on the bike the next day if you don’t.

Your perfect recovery to-do list

  1. Make up a Recovery drink (with a 4:1 ratio) in a bottle. The Jigsaw Medical team will do this for us on the road.
  2. Make sure it is a large enough serving to provide you with 1g of carbohydrate for every KG of body weight

Eg: An 80kg athlete should consume the equivalent of 80g of carbs.

  1. Within 15 minutes of completing your daily stage, drink your recovery drink.

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