Striving with Lara Milward

It’s a pleasure to publish the first entry to our new Core Team Blog, written by founder of BlitzFitness and Core Team Striver Lara Milward.

So here we are – 3 months until the Virgin Strive Challenge 2016. In 2014 I said that Strive would be a ‘once in a lifetime’ challenge. So how come I find myself back on the core team and about to go double the distance in the same time? Is it because when Sam and Noah smile at you and say ‘we really want you’ that I can’t resist? Is it because I love cycling (just to let you know I DO NOT) Is it because I am just weird? Several people have said so.

Lara Milward Cycling

We all need a purpose. We all need a reason to get up in the morning and a frame of reference from which we gain self esteem. Had I been born somewhere else in this wide world of ours, that purpose may have been to search for scraps of food for my children on a dump site. By no other reason than luck, I don’t’ have to do that. My children have a secure home and a good life. Thus my purpose, my strive in life must come from somewhere else and Big Change has provided part of that purpose. Having made sure my children are ‘set’, I can give my time and energies to projects that support young people in the UK on their journey to find purpose, confidence and ambition. The young people in this country are our future; it’s the best investment we could hope to make.

2. Lara Milward

Striving for Big Change is irresistible. All our funds go straight to the projects because all participants in this bonkers dash to Etna cover their costs. I have seen the Big Change projects first hand and there is undeniable passion behind this charity to catalyse change for young people and to ‘do’ charity differently. It’s a harder concept to grab hold of then raising money for a single illness or disability but its ground-breaking and its sustainable.

3. Lara Milward

Right now, I need to get through what I think is the hardest part of the Strive Challenge. Maintaining the energy, motivation and discipline to keep training whilst you are on your own and handling all of your day to day responsibilities. Whilst it is quiet and calm. The challenge itself will be a firework of people coming together for a massive adventure for a good cause – yes it will be hard, yes it will be dangerous in parts, yes we will hurt and yes we will cry but we will all be in the limelight of team spirit and commitment and support and friendship. We made it from London to the Matterhorn in 2014. We will make it from the Matterhorn to Etna in September and we will fly the flag for Big Change all the way.

Lara Milward

You can support Lara on the Strive Challenge by donating at her Virgin Money Giving Page with all funds raised going to the charity Big Change.