INTERVIEW: Striving with the Branson Family

From sailing across the Atlantic to flying hot air balloons around the world, if my Dad has taught me anything, it’s that challenging yourself is the only way to live life to the fullest.

Training for the Virgin Strive Challenge is in full swing and I’m really noticing the difference. Workouts that I could barely finish previously are now becoming the base on which I build and push myself harder and further. It’s an exciting time and a journey I’m thoroughly enjoying, however finding time to fit in the necessary training sessions has definitely not been straight forward!

Balancing my work life, home life and two waddling babies has made dedicating time to regular training sessions quite difficult – that said, I’ve really tried to adopt the Big Change mindset and see it as just another element of the challenge. It’s about working training into your daily routine, such as hopping on your bike instead of the tube.

If the last few months of Virgin Strive Challenge preparation have taught me anything, it’s that with enough motivation and the right growth mindset, we can all surprise ourselves and achieve our goals.

In the clip above, my cousin Noah is back in the interviewer seat, further exploring how Dad, Sam and I think about challenge, family and the future – take a look!

I think Dad summed it up when he said, Three weeks as a family, doing a wonderful challenge, is irresistible to me. We as a family believe we should live life to the absolute fullest – throw yourself 100% into it.” – It’s something ingrained in our whole family and I feel blessed to be able to try, fail and try again knowing I have his and Mum’s full support every step of the way.

That’s just it; unconditional love. It’s an incredible gift and I will be forever thankful to my parents for allowing me to pave my own path knowing I would be loved no matter what. This is the most important and valuable lesson I have taken from their parenting, and want to make sure I give to my children.

September is coming around quickly and we would love your support to raise as much money as possible for our charity Big Change. You can donate by clicking here, and find out more about the work we do through Big Change by visiting their website.

Holly x

Ps. Who doesn’t like a Treasure Hunt….

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