Big Change Project Portfolio 2016

Selecting which projects to support is mission critical at Big Change – finding the right idea with the right people.

In 2016 we are proud to be working with a range of new partners and our portfolio addresses a number of key issues. We have tried to find, develop and support early-stage ideas that will ensure the next generation thrives in life, not just exams. We tackle root causes rather than symptoms, by providing skills, opportunities and support to the people who will make the difference.

Through our wonderful network of organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals, we’re able to identify what’s missing in our society to help young people thrive – whether it is communication skills, leadership, or mental health support. This year we are proud to support:

How to Thrive 

We are backing a new organisation How to Thrive  to scale their well-evidenced emotional resilience programmes that support young people and teachers to develop the skills they need to thrive in an ever-complicated world.

How to Thrive.001

City Year

We are supporting City Year who have developed the idea of a ‘service year’; an opportunity for young adults to take part in a structured and safe experience that helps them develop a sense of purpose and give back to their communities in a real world setting.

City Year.001

Voice 21

We are building on our existing partnership with Voice 21 to create a compelling case for speaking skills in schools and develop a robust set of recommendations for how communication can, and should be, integrated into the daily lives of pupils.

Voice 21.001

Teacher Wellbeing

Big Change are identifying and backing the most powerful ideas that can catalyse a shift in the support of teacher wellbeing. Teachers are one of the most critical people in a child’s life, yet are fast becoming one of the country’s most stressed work forces.

Demos: Redefining Success 

We will be working with the think tank Demos to co-create a clear framework of the attributes that set young people up to thrive in life rather than just in exams, providing an alternative vision of developmental success (combining the insight from education, business and wider youth sectors).


Big Change are a social impact accelerator, to find out more about how and why we are STRIVING for Big Change and supporting this project portfolio, check out the Big Change website.